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Many types of abrasive instruments other than the normally used diamonds are used in dentistry. They are used for shaping, finishing & polishing restorations both in the clinic & in the laboratory .The cutting surfaces of the head are composed of abrasive particles held in a continuous matrix of softer material. They can be of two types
§  Moulded abrasives
§  Coated abrasives
 Moulded abrasive instruments have head manufactured by moulding or pressing a uniform mixture of abrasive & matrix around the roughened end of the shank. The abrasive is distributed through out the matrix such that new particles are exposed by continual wear.
a.       Rigid moulded instruments: have rigid polymer or ceramic as their matrix.
USE:   for grinding & sharpening procedures.
b.      Soft moulded instruments: these use flexible matrix materials such as rubber, to hold the abrasive.
USE:  for finishing

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