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Those that are mounted rigidly to a shaft. Mounted stones are generally used to cut & shape metal and are available in various textures depending upon their intended use.

E.g: A stone use to grind Cr-Co alloy in the laboratory would be too harsh to use in the oral environment .The green mounted stone has the proper texture for grinding gold castings in the laboratory or amalgam in the mouth.

 The abrasive most commonly used is Silicon carbide or Aluminum oxide .The trade name for Aluminum oxide is ALUNDUM. & that of Silicon carbide is carborundum.
Silicon carbide: Usually green or black
Aluminum oxide:  can be white. Colour of alumina ranges from white to almost black.

USES: To grind metals, enamel, resins &porcelain
The shape of a stone can be customized, or a worn corner can be rendered sharp again by rotating it against a diamond stone.

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