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·         Coarse:  (7/8” dia):  grind & shape temporary acrylic crowns.
·         Medium (5/8”): used for grinding temporary crowns. Their major function is to grind off hump, nodules & sprue remnants of gold castings.
·         Fine (5/8” dia): used to grind plastics .The major function is to impart a coarse polish to cast restorations (if scratches are still present.)
·         Medium cuttle –used for medium polish & fine cuttle used for velvet polish.
·         The coarser discs are used before the fine grits so as to enable the operator to obtain a progressively finer & smoother surface. Paper backing on abrasive discs is preferred to the stiffer plastic backing. Although less durable & shorter lasting than plastic, the paper baking permits more flexibility. Additional disk flexibility with the paper baking is possible by applying Vaseline.
·         Another innovation involving carborundum disks & mandrels is to mount them as a short stack to form a thicker grinding wheel .
·         A carborundum disk is the most commonly used grinding  wheel in the laboratory .Because of its larger diameter (7/8 “) ,it obstructs the vision of the working area .Fracturing away a portion ,makes it
·         "See – through" disk without reducing its effectiveness as a grinder .

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