3 specific fundamentals in polishing

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        Most dental metals are polished in a standard fashion. After they are shaped & fashioned to the desired contour, the rough scratches & bumps are removed with a mounted green stone.

3 specific fundamentals in polishing:
1)      Heat generation:
             Any abrasive action creates heat generation.
In lab, heat generation developed in polishing is of little concern, but heat generated from polishing in the mouth can be readily conducted to the pulp. Hence heat generation is a matter of concern when polishing a direct gold restoration.

2)      Marginal detail:
             The use of a stiff brush to carry the abrasive or the careless use of an impregnated wheel can rapidly erase marginal detail that had been prepared.

3)      Colour:
              Some abrasives are dark, others are light. (Tripoli is brown & pumice is white). In the mouth, where the abrasives cannot be easily cleaned from the teeth, only white colored powdered abrasives are used.

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