Types of Mutations

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Mainly 2 types-
1. Point mutation- Replacement of one base pair by another.

Sub types-

a. Silent mutation- Codon containing the changed base codes for same amino acid with no detectable effects. Eg:both UCA and UCU codes for serine.

b. Missense mutations- The changed base codes for different amino acid that may be acceptable or partially acceptable or unacceptable. Eg: UCA codes or serine and ACA codes for threonine.
c. Nonsense mutations- The changed base mat become a termination or nonsense codon, which causes termination of protein synthesis. Eg: UCA which codes for serine may result in UAA. (UAA,UAG,UGA are termination codons)
2. Frame shift mutations- The insertion or deletion of one or more base pairs resulting in an altered frame of the mRNA.

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