How To Remember The Essential Amino Acids

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How to Remember The Essential Amino Acids

Remembering the essential amino acids during solving multiple choice questions (mcqs) is a big task. Here is a easiest pictorial way to remember it.....

See this picture carefully. 

Click here to enlarge the Picture.

  • Now,imagine a HILL (Histidine,Isoleucine,Leucine,Lysine).
  • On one side of hill is ME ( Methionine) and on the other side,its the VALLEY (Valine) .
  • In order to save the game,I have to throw this ball like a rocket which sounds Pheeewww............( Phenylalanine) across the hill.

I have got only two TRIES (Threonine, Tryptophan).
Now i hit the ball across the hill and it sounds Arghhhh...( Arginine ).

If you fix this picture in your mind it will be difficult to forget the 10 essential amino acids.

Remember , rest all are non essential amino acids.

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