How To Diagnose Pulpitis?

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Normal- short response to thermal and electrical stimulus, does not exhibit caries, attrition, abrasion, etc.

Reversible Pulpitis- Pain must be provoked, short response to thermal stimulus, sensitivity to sweets and exhibits caries, attrition, abrasion, etc without exposing the pulp.

Irreversible Pulpitis- Pain may be spontaneous, radiating, wake the patient.  Not relieved by Tylenol or aspirin.  Thermal stimulus produces prolonged pain.  Usually asymptomatic, caries excavation can serve as a diagnostic test.  Pulpal exposure.

Necrotic- Non responsive to thermal or electrical stimulus.

Painful to percussion=Acute Apical Periodontitis; Necrotic = RA of periapical exhibit RL areas

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