Activator, Bionator, Herbst, Frankel

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The Activator, Bionator, and Herbst appliances are passive tooth-borne appliances. These appliances have no intrinsic force-generating capacity from springs or screws and depend only on soft tissue and muscular activity to produce treatment effects.

Activator: Advances the mandible several millimeters for Class II correction, and opens the bite 3-4 mm. Can tip anterior teeth and control eruption of teeth to alter vertical dental relationships. Dental and skeletal effects.

Bionator: A "cut-down activator".

Herbst: Jaw position is controlled by a pin and tube apparatus that runs between the arches. Has skeletal and dental effects. Patient compliance not required.

The functional regulator of Frankel is the only tissue-borne appliance. It serves as an arch expansion appliance in addition to its effects on jaw growth because the arches tend to expand when lip and cheek pressure is removed. Buccal shields, lip pads, and lingual plate.

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