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MxM PA – 2 exposures, HA=80°, Mesial of 1M lines up with anterior edge of film
MxP PA – CR ^ to facial surfaces of 1M & P, record distal Ca®1M
MxCa PA – CR ^ MxCa, tip biteblock ¯ for the side recorded, no contact from LI/Ca
MxI PA - VA -5° (move PID    )
MnM PA – HA=80°, VA +5° (move PID    ), record distal of 1M®3M, edge of film at mesial of 1M
MnP PA – record distal of Ca®1M, CR ^to PM/1M
MnCa PA – decrease the –VA 5° (move PID    ), no tip of film
MnI PA – decrease the –VA 5°
M BW – CR to IP b/t 1M & 2M, anterior edge of film lines up with mesial of 1M, VA~+15-20°
PM BW – CR to IP b/t 1M & 2P, VA~+10-15°

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