Self-Ligating Brackets, Lingual appliance and Ceramic or Esthetic brackets

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Self-ligating brackets: They are quicker and easier to place than wire ligatures, and they can be used in chains to close small spaces within the arch or prevent spce from opening. It is also possible to use a cap built into the bracket itself to hold wires in position. The self-ligating brackets provide considerable less frictional resistance to sliding than conventionally-ligated brackets. What is an advantage for sliding is a disadvantage for frictionless space closure. The spring clips may not hold a wire in place well enough to deliver adequate moments to prevent tipping when closing loops are used, and with rigid clips, it can be quite difficult to fully engage full-dimension wires.

Lingual appliances: Major advantage: esthetics. Disadvantage: The relative stiffness of the wires used with the lingual appliances means that it requires more frequent adjustments, but the appliance is relatively inaccessible and quite difficult to adjust.

Ceramic or esthetic brackets: The sole advantage of ceramic brackets is their better esthetics. There are problems with bulkiness, possible enamel damage , and especially friction.

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