Local Anesthesia Injection Technique

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Patient Preparation

  1. Medical history and physical evaluation
  2. Blood pressure and pulse assessment
  3. Chair position
    1. Supine
    2. Semisupine
  4. Operator and Patient position
  5. Record event in chart

Site Preparation

  1. Identify landmark
  2. Dry mucosa with sponge
  3. Apply topical anesthetic with cotton applicator
      1. Use pressure on palatal injection


  1. Bevel orientation
  2. Insert needle
  3. Aspirate
  4. Monitor injection rate
    1. Position of the barrel of the syringe
    2. Slow injection (1mL/min)
  5. Needle should not bend
  6. Needle should not be inserted all the way to the hub
  7. Replace needle cover with safe technique

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