Tissue conditioning & the management of abused oral tissues

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7 non-surgical methods:

1. Rest for denture and supporting tissues (for 48-72 hrs.)

2. Vertical dimension correction of old dentures (can use an interim resilient

lining material)

3. Occlusal correction: may be the most important factor—correct occlusal scheme can distribute forces over a wider area.

4. Good nutrition

5. Oral hygiene

6. Oral massage

7. Tissue conditioners: soft elastomers used to treat an irritated mucosa supporting a denture.

  • Tissue conditioners are mixed chairside, placed in the denture and seated in the patient’s mouth. They conform to the anatomy of the residual ridge and gel in that position. Adequate thickness should be at least 2mm.
  • Tissue conditioners are viscous

2 types of tissue conditioner materials:

1. Powder: polyethylmethacrylate and peroxide initiator, Liquid: aromatic esters, ethanol and tertiary amines

2. Powder: polyethylmethacrylate, plasticizers (ethyl glycolate) and a peroxide initiator. Liquid: methylmethacrylate and tertiary amines

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