The rotational path RPD

By Dr.Swathi Pai on Saturday, January 17, 2009 with 0 comments

3 possible paths of insertion:

  1. anteroposterior (AP): where the anterior seats first

  2. posteroanterior (PA): where the posterior seats firs

  3. where the lateral edentulous side seats first

2 categories of rotational path RPDs:

  1. category I: includes AP and PA replacing missing posterior teeth and lateral paths utilizing proximolingual undercuts.

  2. category II: includes all AP replacing missing anterior teeth and lateral paths utilizing proximofacial undercuts.

A rotational or dual path RPD incorporates a curved or dual path allowing one or more of the rigid components of the framework to gain access to and engage undercut areas that are adjacent to areas for retention. In this type of RPD, one portion of the denture is placed first and then rotated into the undercut area. It is limited primarily to tooth borne RPDs and its advantage is to eliminate anterior clasps to improve esthetics and tooth reduction.

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