Ridge classifications

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Seibert ridge classification:

-Class I: loss of B-L ridge width, normal ridge ht.

-Class II: loss of ridge ht., normal B-L ridge width

-Class III: combination loss of ridge height and B-L width

Allen ridge classification:

-mild: less than 3mm

-moderate: 3-6mm

-severe: greater than 6mm

Radiographic evaluation: Crown to root ratio

-minimal: 1:1

-best: 1:2

Ante’s Law: surface area of abutments should be equal to or exceed the area of the teeth to be replaced.

Intermediary abutments are potential class I levers, so a need for a non-rigid connector or the use of a cantilever design may be required. Endodontically treated teeth are contraindicated as intermediary abutments.

The ferrule effect: a cervical bevel of 1-2mm on remaining coronal tooth structure of a tooth restored with a post and core. This will decrease fracture resistance.

Esthetic/Phonetic evaluation:

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