Preliminary impressions and custom trays

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Objective: to record all areas to be covered by the impression surface of the denture and adjacent landmarks.

When designing custom tray, the mucobuccal fold extension is the length of the tray at just exactly the point where buccal reflection leaves the lateral wall of the alveolar ridge.

Placement of tissue stops in custom tray: done in a tripod effect

Maxillary tray: one over the crest of the ridge in right and left posterior and the 3rd is in the area of the rugae.

Mandibular tray: one small wedge over the buccal shelf area on right and left side and a 3rd is in the area just lingual to the mandibular anterior ridge.

Placement of relief holes in tray:

Maxillary tray: distal to rugae and over the crest of the ridge in the tuberosity areas (3 holes total).

Mandibular tray: one hole over the distal part of the ridge (bilaterally) and one over the canine area (bilaterally) to make 4 holes total.

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