Major connectors

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A major connector connects one side of the dental arch to the other side. It’s the primary component of the RPD (the majority of rigidity).

4 mandibular major connectors:

  1. lingual bar

  2. lingual plate

  3. continuous bar retainer

  4. labial bar

Lingual bar:

-should be 4mm from gingival margin

-should be ½ pear shaped and 4mm thick occl/gingivally (greatest bulk should be in the inferior 1/3) and 2mm thick anteroposteriorly.

-should be above movable tissues (vestibule must be 7mm)

-inferior border should be slightly rounded so it does not impinge on the lingual tissue when denture base is rotated inferiorly under occlusal loads

Lingual plate:

-use if you have a vestibule less than 5mm

-indications: (4)

-high lingual frenum

-class I situations where ridges have undergone excessive vertical resorption

-to stabilize periodontally weakened teeth

-when anticipating possible replacement of mandibular anterior teeth

Labial bar:

-should be 3mm below gingival margins

-indications: (2)

-use with lingually inclined mandibular anterior teeth

-can use with large lingual tori

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