The location of the posterior palatal seal and identifying structures

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Describe the vibrating line and its location? Laney, Naylor Pg 419

"The vibrating line is the imaginary line across the posterior part of the palate marking the division between movable and immovable tissues of the soft palate and can be identified when the movable tissues are active".

Why is the location of the vibrating line or the "ah" line critical and what muscle plays a major part in its movement when the patient says "ah"?

(Levator veli palatini)

Saying "ah" will cause the cause the soft palate to lift. The vibrating line is not a line but an area. This area is used to form the post palatal seal.

Movement of the vibrating line in the midline involves a thin, firm, tendon like band. Name this tendon and what it supports.

The line usually forward of the vibrating or the "ah’ line is called the?

Valsalva line. When the patient attempts to blow air through the nose what occurs? ( soft palate drops from the air pressure)

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