Factors Governing Retention

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A. Physical

  1. Adhesion and cohesion- perpendicular dislodging forces.

  2. Interfacial surface tension and atmospheric pressure- lateral torque and horizontal dislodgment forces. Cannot be used to achieve retention alone, due to failure in cases of xerostomia and patients with thick ropy saliva.

B. Physiologic

  1. Physical condition

  2. Degree of tissue tone

  3. Quality and quantity of saliva

  4. Condition of mucosa and submucosa

  5. Neuromuscular control

  6. Ridge characteristics

  7. Ridge relationship

C. Psychologic

  1. Intelligence

  2. Expectation

  3. Apprehension or fear of embarrassment

  4. Gagging

D. Mechanical

  1. Occlusion

  2. Leverage

  3. Contour of denture bases

E. Surgical

  1. Implant dentures

  2. Ridge extension

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