The altered cast impression: a functional impression technique

By Dr.Swathi Pai on Saturday, January 17, 2009 with 0 comments

Purpose: to provide maximum support for the RPD denture base, thereby maintaining occlusal contact to distribute the occlusal load over both natural and artificial dentitions, and at the same time, minimize movement of the base that would create leverage on the abutment teeth.

Altered cast impressions are made in customized plastic trays attached to the retentive network of the metal framework and formed over wax spacers covering the residual ridge. This procedure provides an evenly spaced impression by having the following advantages:

  1. the tray doesn’t contact the tissues

  2. the tray is maintained perfectly in one position during impression making

  3. muscle molding ensures proper border extension of the denture base

  4. the impression records the edentulous ridge tissues in the exact form that they will assume when the finished RPD is in place on the teeth

  5. pressure on the tissues during impression making is only that of resistance to the movement or flow of the impression material

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