4 maxillary major connectors

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  1. Posterior palatal strap
  2. U-shaped or horse-shoe
  3. Anterior-posterior palatal strap
  4. Full palatal plate

-all should be 6mm from gingival margin

-borders should be beaded and 1mm wide

Posterior palatal strap:

-should be 8-12mm wide

-needs bulk for rigidity

-good to use for tooth-borne restorations of bilateral edentulous short span

U-shaped palatal connector

the least desirable---can be used if a large inoperable palatal torus in present and occasionally when several anterior teeth are missing

3 principal objections of this connector:

  1. lack of rigidity

  2. the design fails to provide good support characteristics

  3. bulk for rigidity results in increased thickness for areas most frequented by the tongue

A-P palatal strap

-structurally the most rigid palatal connector

-can be used in almost any maxillary RPD

-least objectionable to the patient and least harmful to adjacent tissues

Palatal plate

-thin, broad palatal coverage

-reproduces contours of the patient’s palate

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