Porcelain fused to metal restorations

By Dr. Vishaal Bhat on Wednesday, July 2, 2008 with 0 comments

-4 constituents of the porcelain-metal bond:

  1. chemical bond

  2. mechanical bond

  3. compression

  4. VanDer Wall forces

-6 possible bond failures in metal ceramics:

  1. metal-porcelain

  2. metal oxide-porcelain

  3. metal-metal oxide

  4. metal oxide-metal oxide

  5. metal-metal (rare)

  6. porcelain-porcelain

-compression of the porcelain on a PFM is a main factor in porcelain retention to the metal substructure.

-4 advantages to PFM restorations:

  1. superior marginal fit

  2. metal framework supports FPDs

  3. metal provides excellent support for feldspathic porcelain

  4. tooth preparation is less invasive than all-ceramic restorations

-3 advantages to PFM restorations:

  1. metal facial margin may give objectionable esthetics

  2. facial reduction of 1.5mm may encroach the pulp

  3. metal substructures allow light reflection vice transmission

-3 ways to finish porcelain: polishing, over-glazing, or auto glazing

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