Maxillomandibular relations

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-purpose of facebow transfer: position of the maxillary cast in 3-dimensions on the articulator (arcon articulator is similar to patient anatomy)

-the 3-dimensions the maxillary cast is related to after f-bow transfer:

        1. a tentative occlusal plane parallel to ala-tragus line (Camper’s line)

        2. the orbitale

        3. the incisal pin notch

-3 reasons why precise positioning of max cast:

1. allows teeth to be in correct arc of closure

2. allows teeth to be in a more accurate lateral rotation arc

3. minimizes occlusal discrepancies

-2 types of facebow transfers: arbitrary and kinematic

-vertical dimension of occlusion (VDO): the vertical dimension of the face when the teeth or occlusion rims are in contact and the mandible is closed in centric relation.

-vertical dimension of rest (VDR): physiologic rest position (a postural relationship)

-interocclusal distance (ID): distance between the occluding surfaces of the max and mand teeth when mand is in physiologic rest position.

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