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-essential for proper cast mounting because it provides a method for locating the condylar axis in the skull and transforming it to the articulator and relating the upper cast to it.

-types of facebows(2);

  1. arbitrary: sufficient for most dental procedures---uses anatomic averages for locating the hinge axis.

  2. kinematic: more accurate than the arbitrary facebow; indicated when it’s critical to reproduce the exact opening and closing movement of the patient on the articulator.

-Frankfort Horizontal (FH): a cephalometric reference line drawn from porion (top of external auditory meatus) to orbitale (lowest point in margin of orbit). Chosen because it’s usually parallel to the patient’s head. The Hanau spring bow uses this.

-Axis-Orbital (AO): not the same as FH. The posterior points are at the hinge axis (7mm below porion). The Whip Mix facebow use this reference.

-Occlusal plane a.k.a. Camper’s Line a.k.a. Ala-Tragus line: a line running from the superior border of the tragus to the inferior border of the ala of the nose. Using this reference plane will result in the occlusal plane parallel to the upper member of the articulator.

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