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Cervical erosion lesions that are stress-induced

  • Lee and Eakle hypothesized that hyperocclusion can result in tooth flexure and tensile stresses concentrated at the fulcrum, or cervical area of the tooth
  • Typically V- or wedge-shaped lesions
  • Usually supported by a stable periodontal housing: less tendency for abfractions to occur inteeth that are periodontally mobile because the stress concentration is dissipated

Criteria for justifying replacement of restorations

1. The new restoration will significantly improve the situation

2. There is a fracture/continued decay risk

3. There is an unrepairable marginal void

4. There is poor proximal contour or gingival overhang

5. Marginal ridge discrepancy/tissue impingement

6. Unrepairable recurrent caries

7. Large voids/dark marginal staining

8. Ditching deeper than 0.5mm judged carious or caries prone

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