Total dentures

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  • Total denture is a replacement with mucous transfer of the chewing pressure. It replaces a general defect of teeth, except the third molars and atrophied parts of an alveolus in the jawbones.
  • Its sole construction element - a body - is made of a resin base that bears artificial teeth.
  • At the upper jaw, the basis is formed by a palatal plate; at the lower jaw it is a saddle. Both parts sit on a prosthetic bed by the largest possible area.
  • Total dentures possess problems of retention and stability.
  • The principle of total dentures’ retention lays in their adhesion to a prosthetic bed, and at a negative barometric pressure (capillary pressure) that occurs when a denture moves away from its prosthetic bed. Retention depends on an environment between a denture and a prosthetic bed, on the state of mucous membranes and the quality of saliva. A prosthesis’ stability depends on artificial teeth positions at the body. A correct teeth position is a subject of many articulation theories, although none of them guaranties stability of a denture during its function.
  • Configuration of jawbones and activity of masseters and mimic musculature are important for good stability and retention of a denture. A patient, to whom a total removable prosthesis was given, has to undergo a regular follow-ups and eventual denture sores have to be eliminated by smoothing a denture.
  • If a denture is not fitted well, these denture sores can evolve into mucous rugae - garnuloma fissuratum.These formations not only worsen retention of a total denture but could also result in a neoplasm by chronic traumatization of thetissue.
  • Total prostheses can also be made according to impressions taken before teeth extraction. This so called immediate prosthesis is given to a patient right after extractions are finished. Discrepancies between this denture and a prosthetic bed can be fixed by denture padding - rebasing.
  • After complete healing of extraction wounds (takes about six months) a definite prosthesis should be made.
  • Immediate dentures have an advantage of quick accustoming ( a patient gets used to it easily) and also the fact that they slow down an alveolar resorption.

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