Surgical Dentures

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Surgical dentures replace large defects of both soft and bone tissues of the oral cavity and the face. Among these are the following types:

Obturators. They serve to close large palatal clefts. Obturators consist of a removable palatal plate that covers a defect and is attached to rest of teeth by regular anchoring elements. Soft palate cleft is covered by a “pelota” plate that is coupled to a palatal plate by a joint.

Resection prosthesis. Replaces defects after resection of jawbones due to neoplasms and supports soft cheek tissues. A palatal plate closes resection cavity and also complements for defects of the dental arch. Edges of a prosthesis can be made of an elastic silicone material.

Epithesis replaces a skeleton and soft parts of the face after large surgeries of neoplasms or after injuries. It is usually combined with resection prostheses. They are made of elastic silicon-based materials. Retention of a prosthesis is improved by an eyeglasses frame with spring wire which press an epithesis against the face. An eye prosthesis is usually a part epithesis.

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