Injuries of Salivary Glands

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Traumatic injuries of the parotido-masseteric area cause affection of salivary gland more often than it is recorded. These injuries may be of various extent and severity. A frequent injury is bruise - contusion of a parotid gland caused by blunt blows at the gland area. It is manifested by bloody saliva at the Stenon’s duct opening only, and gets obscured by other more pronounced signs (pain, swelling, eventually fractures of the lower jawbone).

A gland may get damaged during open injuries of the parotido-massetheric region caused by traffic accidents or gunshot wounds. Injuries of this kind usually interrupt the facial nerve as well, followed by ailment of the mimic muscles function. Salivary fistulas can be formed upon an injury of the gland’s parenchyma, which require a surgical correction. The principle of a surgical treatment of the salivary skin fistulas is replacement of a fistula’s opening into the oral cavity and its suturing into the buccal mucosa.

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