Damage of Tissues by Dentures and Its Prevention

By Vishaal on Friday, December 7, 2007 with 0 comments

Incorrectly made fixed or removable denture may cause many damages to its bearer. It can be mainly damages to abutments periodontium during their functional overloading. Wrongly adhering or unstable total removable dentures may cause decubitus ulcers or chronic inflammatory hyperplasia - granuloma fissuratum - of the prosthesis bed mucosa. Similar etiology exhibits ligamentous transformation of the alveolar ridge which further reduces retention of a prosthesis. Another kind of damage is stomatitis prothetica which occurs mostly on a palate under resin plate of a denture. It is caused by chemical irritation by free resin monomers or it appears as a contact allergy to acrylic compounds. Chronic inflammations of mouth commissures - anguli infectiosi - are a result of low occlusion at patients who wear old, abraded total replacements. Monilial infections of oral mucosa - candidiasis - is also frequent at people wearing total dentures.

Most of the above described damages can be avoided by technically correct prostheses, regular check-ups and proper oral hygiene.

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