Basics of Dento-alveolar Surgery

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Dento-alveolar surgery deals with prevention, diagnostics and therapy of pathological states of the teeth, alveolar ridges of the jaws, and the mouth soft tissues mainly by surgical methods. Besides exemptions of high-risk patients (endocrinopathies, cardiopathies, hemocoagulation disorders), these surgeries are performed in the inpatient form. They include the following stomatological surgeries:

  1. teeth extractions

  2. treatment of difficulties with cutting of the third lower molars

  3. surgical treatment of chronic peri-apical periodontitis (apicectomy)

  4. surgical treatment of dental cysts and developmental cysts

  5. treatment of post-extraction complications (alveolitis sicca)

  6. excision of small benign tumors

  7. small pre-prosthetic adjustments of alveolar ridges, hypertrophied mucous folds

  8. treatment of dental-related inflammations at the area of alveolar ridge

During a dental and surgical examination of the oral cavity, a surgeon should also focus on screening for pre-cancerous stages and early stages of the oral cavity tumors.

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