An upper subzygomatic fracture Le Fort II.

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If a force acts from the front, from upper rims of orbits down to alveolar ridges, a possibility arises that maxilla s and nasal bones will be broken off on both sides. Dislocation backwards appears and a decline downwards may be present. An X-ray image taken at postero-anterior projection shows an apparent lengthening of craniocaudal distance of orbits entrances. A fracture line affects nasal bones at their thinnest parts - under nasofrontal sutures. The maxillary frontal process and lacrimal bone are often damaged as well. The fracture line reaches towards fissura orbitalis inferior parallel to canalis infraorbitalis. Around the canal’s exit on the front surface of the maxilla it crosses the lower orbital edge at the point where maxilla and a zygomatic bone are jointed, and runs downwards to the lateral wall of the maxillary sinus. From here, it proceeds backwards - similarly to a Le Fort type I fracture - to tuber maxillae or onto the sphenoid bone.

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