Fracture Le Fort type I. (lower sub-zygomatic fracture).

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If a force acts against a large area of a lower part of the middle facial third, a breaking off appears, whose fracture line runs above the teeth root tips and begins at the lateral edge of apertura piriformis nasi. The breakage descends into the fossa canina and declines backwards under the thickened part of the maxilla ’s processus zygomaticus, it crosses the lateral wall of the maxillary sinus and continues to the back edge of the maxilla . At this place, it usually goes down to tuber maxillae, or goes further towards the pterygoid process of the sphenoid bone. It thus runs above the palatal plate at base of the maxillary sinus. If the lateral wall of nasal cavity is broken as well, and if the cartilaginous septum is detached from the vomer, movability of the whole complex can be clinically proven easily by pulling on the upper incisor teeth.

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