Isolation And Access

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Gingival surgical techniques for restorative procedures

Double vertical miniflap (aka. “Markley flap”): vertical incisions at line angles of tooth in attached gingiva for procedures not extending beyond line angles

Envelope miniflap: vertical incisions at line angles of adjacent teeth to reflect the gingival papilla for procedures extending beyond line angles of tooth

Double envelope miniflap: Buccal/lingual envelope miniflap with removal of interproximal tissue for class 2 restorations


Rate of incision- 7mm/sec

Cooling period- 8-15 sec

Contact on metallic restorations <0.4>

Contraindications to electrosurgery

all general contraindications

demand-type cardiac pacemakers

uncontrolled saliva or blood flow

recurrent apthous-type lesions

parotid gland biopsy

post radiation therapy treatment

Rubber dam isolation for a Class 5 lesion

Punch hole 1-3mm to facial and allow extra interproximal dam to minimize stretching

Use extra heavy or special heavy dam for greater retraction and tear resistance

Place retraction cord in sulcus

Use a modified #212 clamp if needed

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