Microbiology Notes

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Random Points

  1. Capnophilic Bacteria need Carbondioxide for growth (Eg; Brucella abortus.)
  2. Plasmolysis- Exposure to hypertonic solutions may cause osmosia ,withdrawal of water and shrinkage of protoplasm.
  3. Plasmoptysis- Sudden transfer of a bacteria from a concentrates solution to a distilled solution causes imbibition leading to swelling and rupture of cell.
  4. Strong solution of alkali readily kill most bacteria,with exception of Mycobacteria.
  5. Southern Blotting - Technique for identifying DNA fragments.
  6. Northern Blotting - Technique for identifying RNA fragments.
  7. Western BLotting ( or Immunoblotting )- Technique for identifying Proteins( antigens).
  8. Cholero vibrio is alkaline, Lactobaccilus is Acidic.
  9. Enhancement of virulence is known as Exaltation.
  10. Reduction of virulence is known as Attenuation.
  11. The smallest unit of antigenicity is known as antigenic determinant or Epitope.
  12. The combining area on the antibody molecule,corresponding to the epitope is called Paratope.
  13. About 5-10% of circulating lymphocytes lack features of either T or B types. Such cells are called Null cells.
  14. Transformation- Transfer of genetic information through the agency of free DNA. Eg: Pneumococci.
  15. Transduction_ Transfer of a protien of the DNA from one bacterium to another by a bacteriophage.

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