Warthin’s tumour (Papillary cystadenoma lymphomatosum)

By Dr. Vishaal Bhat on Tuesday, 1 January, 2008 with 0 comments

  • Slow-growing benign tumour that arises almost exclusively in the parotid

  • 5 – 6% of parotid tumours; peak incidence 40 – 70 years; male to female ratio is 5:1.

  • It is proposed that the tumour develops from parotid ductal epithelium present in lymph nodes within the gland.

  • Most tumours measure 2-3 cm at diagnosis; tumours are bilateral in 7% of patients

  • The histology is distinctive and pathognomonic—epithelial-lined cystic spaces showing papillary projections are present in a lymphoid stroma.

  • As with pleomorphic adenomas, recurrence may occur if the tumour is incompletely removed.

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