Pharmacology Important Tips (specially for those who find the subject difficult)

By Dr.Swathi Pai on Tuesday, 1 January, 2008 with 0 comments

  • Acidic drugs are best absorbed in the stomach because of acidic environment.
  • Alkaline drugs are best absorbed in the small intestine.
  • PH of urine is acidic so acidic drug can be extensively reabsorbed into the body from urine.If PH of urine is increased excretion of drugs will be faster.
  • Carrier mediated facilitated diffusion doesnt need energy where as active transport needs energy.
  • Endocytosis is "solid eating" by the cell; two types

1. Fluid phase( eg. sucrose)

2.Absortive phase( eg.Insulin)

  • After any route of administration,except IV,the absortion of most drugs follow a first order(exponential kinetics),thus a constant fraction of drug is absorbed.
  • After IV administration,the absorption of a drug follows Zero-order kinetics,thus a constant amount(100%) of drug is absorbed.

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