Mounted Diagnostic Casts - a requirement!

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  • Supplement the oral exam

  • Provide a topographical survey of the arches

  • Plan potential RPD design & reduction

  • Use for fabricating impression trays

  • Use as a reference as the work progresses

Diagnosis in removable prosthodontics involves all other dental work completed prior to the initiation of treatment. The diagnostic process involves:

Analysis of Data:

  • Interpretation of radiographs

  • Analyze articulated diagnostic casts

  • Previous Prosthodontic history

  • Intra & Extra-Oral examination

  • Correlate history & health

It should always be remembered that the removable partial denture is only part of the treatment for those patients who are partially edentulous and usually many other disciplines in dentistry are involved. The diagnostic choices for partially edentulous patients are:

a) Fixed Partial Dentures

b) Removable Partial Dentures

c) Complete Dentures

d) Combination of the above

e) NO treatment at all!

Successful Prosthodontic care depends upon-

1) The correct diagnosis

2) Selecting the best treatment plan

3) Properly executing the plan

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