Teeth Extraction

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The tooth extraction is a surgical event which is based on a tooth removal from the dental socket by extraction instruments (forceps, levers). The integrity of both soft and hard tissues of the oral cavity gets damaged thus opening a way for infection which may complicate healing of the extraction wound. The work under aseptic conditions is thus a mandatory rule of all dental surgeries.

Indication, contraindication and the extraction technique.

Indication for extractions.

The reasons for teeth extractions at dentistry practice are the following:

  1. teeth greatly damaged by decays or injuries

  2. teeth at which an endodontic treatment or a preserving surgery cannot be done

  3. teeth with advanced destruction of the periodontium (loose teeth)

  4. retained teeth and teeth positioned out of the dental arch

  5. teeth obstructing a prosthetic treatment

  6. devitalized teeth at the jaw’s fracture line

  7. teeth causing inflammations around jaws

  8. devitalized teeth at areas where a radiotherapy is expected

Contraindications of extractions.

Reasons for an absolute contraindication are acute leukemia, agranulocytosis, stomatitis ulceronecrotisans. Relative contraindications are de-compensated heart diseases, diabetes mellitus, coagulopathy, and pregnancy between the second and the third, and the seventh and the eighth months, respectively. Relative contraindications are reasons for a delay of extractions, where possible. Extractions should be performed after consulting a specialist who should determine a suitable ways of a patient’s preparation.

The extraction technique.

An extraction is conducted at several consequent steps:

  1. release of the gingivo-dental rim at the tooth’s neck area by a lever

  2. putting the beaks of forceps onto the tooth’s neck area at its longitudinal axis

  3. executing of luxating movements, changing from vestibular to oral directions. This interrupts a periodontal ligaments which form a supportive apparatus and enable for dislocation of a tooth from the alveolus.

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