Surveying for Partial Dentures

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The dentist alone is solely responsible for surveying and designing the RPD

Purposes of a surveyor

a) Surveying a study cast

b) Surveying a master cast

c) Contouring wax patterns for surveyed crowns

d) Placing intracoronal retainers

e) Placing precision rests

Sequence in surveying

a) identify proximal tooth surfaces that can be made parallel for guide planes

b) identify and determine whether tooth and bony areas of interferences will need to be

modified or eliminated

c) locate and measure areas of teeth that may be used for retention

d) establish a "basic" position with an eye survey, with the cast in the table, adjust the

table until all undercuts and guiding planes are as parallel as possible.

e) with an analyzing rod, ascertain parallelism of this position and make necessary


f) measure retention of abutment teeth.

g) measure tissue undercuts.

h) tripod- mark three points in the same plane.

Sequence for Design

a) Rests

b) Major connectors

c) Minor connectors

d) Denture base retention

e) Direct retainers/mechanical retainers

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