A Philosophy for Extension Partial Dentures

By Dr. Vishaal Bhat on Sunday, 30 December, 2007 with 0 comments

All Extension partial dentures move in function


* Rest

* Proximal Plate

* "I" bar

1) A mesial rest is used this is thought to better direct the forces down the long axis of the abutment tooth. Also, rather than potentially opening the mesial contact, it would have a tendency to close it, and receives support from the tooth anterior to it.

2) The proximal plate wraps slightly toward the lingual and terminates at the disto-lingual line angle.

3) The I bar direct retainer:

a) less torque on the abutment

b) minimal tooth contact

c) more esthetic?

d) distorts tooth contours less

e) easy to fabricate

Contraindications to RPI

a) Rotated abutment tooth

b) Tissue or bony undercuts

c) Mesial & Buccal inclined abutments

d) Attached gingiva?

e) Crowded abutments w/o lingual embrasures

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