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Periodontitis is always accompanied by the inflammatory part, the chronic gingivitis. Inflammation proceeds into depth to the alveolar tips. This process results in attachment damage, deepening of a periodontal pocket and impairment of periodontal ligaments. The periodontal slit gradually widens and the bone is being resorbed. Besides chronic gingivitis, true gingival pockets can be found. These pockets are shallow at the beginning, but they get deeper with time and teeth get loose. Loose teeth are noticed first by a dentist during an examination. A patient feels just paresthesias at this period (itching feelings, insecure feelings during occlusion), sometimes even foetor ex ore. Teeth moving or fanned spreading of teeth sometimes appears. In some cases, gaps between teeth occur as a result of teeth movement. In case of a deep periodontal pocket, a periodontal abscess may appear as a result of a purulent exacerbation. Periodontitis course may change and even take different courses at the upper and lower jaws.

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