Anomalies of Teeth Positions

By Dr. Vishaal Bhat on Thursday, 6 December, 2007 with 0 comments

Teeth inclination means tilting of a tooth along its longitudinal axis. Its forms are: mesial, vestibular and oral, distal. Vestibular inclination at the front area is often called protrusion, an oral tilt is called retrusion.

Teeth rotation stands for turning a tooth along its longitudinal axis. It is frequent for single-root teeth (incisors, canine teeth) if there is not enough room at the dental arch, or if teeth are jammed.

Supraocclusion - a tooth overhangs the occlusal plane.

Infraocclusion - a tooth does not reach the occlusal plane.

Shift - a tooth changed its position while maintaining its longitudinal axis direction.

Transposition - two teeth exchange their locations.

Dystopia - a tooth cut out of the dental arch at vestibular or oral side.

Retention - a tooth did not cut during a period of physiological teething. The most often cause of retention is horizontal position of the germ or constriction of the dental arch.

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