Supra-zygomatic fracture Le Fort type III.

By Dr. Vishaal Bhat on Monday, 26 November, 2007 with 0 comments

While the above described fractures have fracture lines that run below the zygomatic bones which stay firm, a combined fracture of the central and lateral parts exhibits the whole middle part of the skull detached from the skull’s base. A fracture line runs below nasofrontal sutures and further through frontal processes of the maxilla and proceeds above and behind the lacrimal bones to the orbital part of the ethmoid bone, from where it descends laterally towards the lower orbital fissure. It further proceeds to pterygoid processes of the sphenoid bone that get interrupted. A second fracture line runs from the lower orbital fissure laterally towards the link of the zygomatic bone orbital part with large pterygoid processes, it crosses the temporal wall of an orbit and divides the zygomatic bone from the frontal bone near the suture zygomatic-frontal. From this suture, a fracture line declines downwards onto the sphenoid bone infratemporal surface at the pterygoid processes base. The malar arch is also broken near the zygomatic-temporal suture. Dislocation backwards occurs, as well as downwards due to the whole part’s weight. It results in articulation of distal molars only and an unclosing bite at the front part occurs.

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